Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Protect your home electronics!

 Electrical panel surge protector that protects your whole house and electronics from surges.

Do you have an expensive TV?
Do you have a computer with valuable info that is not on a surge protector?
You wouldn't want to lose your valuable and expensive appliances or electronics to a power surge or outage. You may think you are in an area where power surges don’t happen but it can happen anywhere and anytime. Imagine rushing home just time for your favorite TV show to find out that your TV will not turn on due to a surge that happened while you were out.
The solution: For less than a new computer monitor add a SURGE PROTECTOR onto your electrical panel that will protect your whole house and all your electronics. Talk to your local electrician about installing one that best suites your home and electronics before they may get damaged.
Consider protecting your new appliances (yes even that fridge that cost thousands) in your kitchen remodel with a panel surge protector while your electrician is on the project.

It may cost less than you think. But certainly a good feeling of protecting expensive electronics.