Sunday, June 5, 2011

7 tips towards a stress free remodel.

  1. The professional team you are working with must be able to communicate well and understand your needs wants and especially those don’t wants. That team should come highly recommended or have a good referral list to call.
  2. Research the vendors and subcontractors that the company uses. There must be a good working relationship and high level of quality work.
  3. The majority of the project should be planned and ordered before any work begins. Often times this requires a little exploring behind walls and crawl spaces.
  4. You must have well written details and plans so everyone has the same level of expectations. Pictures, drawings, and samples are the best way to know what to expect. Any changes should be well documented.
  5. Understand the schedule and who will be coming and going from your house. Pay special attention to when the water, gas, and electrical will be shut off and approximately for how long.
  6. Keep in good contact with the project manager during the process to follow how the schedule is coming along and understand any changes that may occur.
  7. Be sure the project will be kept clean and a safe working environment. Any non work related areas should be sectioned off with plastic or other protective barriers.
Here is a tip to make the process more enjoyable once work has started. Write a blog with photos about your project and share it with others to help pass the time. This also is a great way to record what is going to be hidden in the walls long after the project is complete.
Please feel free to comment or ask questions about your remodeling process.