Sunday, June 26, 2011

3 low cost bathroom remodel ideas

If you are one who does want to spend $20,000 or $30,000 on a bathroom remodel but would still like to have a change and update the look then here are a few quick things we can do to help.

1. The floor: Floors take a beating and for little cost can be replace with a new surface such as tile, cork, or marmoleum. There is a lot to choose from and can be overwhelming so ask yourself what colors you like, is maintenance an issue, and how much do I want to spend?

2. Eye level: Change the mirror and light fixtures. Many times I have sent a client to an art frame shop to pick out a nice looking frame to put a mirror in. There are many selection to choose from but if none are jumping out at you then a custom frame can be built from mill work you see on doors and windows or even crown molding, then painted or stained to your hearts desire. Also, there are several light fixture styles out there to correspond nicely with the mirror you picked out.

3. Colors: Of course painting will always make a huge impact on the space. If lighting is dim then consider lighter warm tones that compliments the new floor. Remember contrast is good for adding excitement and detail. For example light tone floor with light color wall and a darker cabinet with dark light fixtures and mirror frame.

Another bang for the buck and one more step to a full makeover is locating a granite fabricator who has remnants that will fit your counter.

If interested in a low cost dramatic change from these three ideas contact me (Nathan Dunithan 503-650-3090) and you might be surprised on the cost. I will give you a free in home estimate.