Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Three steps to guide you into a smooth remodel.

  • Discover a look. Such as contemporary, traditional commercial, etc. Visit the library and check out some magazines or browse the bookstore, walk a home show or even find a remodeling tour. Do some image research on the web. Write down and make copies of the little things you like and the things you don’t like, this will help communicate with the designer and contractor.
  • Establish a budget. Even if you have no idea what a kitchen should cost you still have a comfortable number in mind. It is a big investment and you should feel like you are getting a good value.
  • Make three interviews. Kitchen remodeling has endless possibilities so choose a professional who has the experience in design and building kitchens, such as design build firms. They have  multiple perspectives on how a kitchen is put together. It takes the right tools, communication and language to make your kitchen remodel flow smoothly. Selecting a company should be based on a good rapport, great referrals, a solid amount of knowledge and creative ideas. One helpful tip- Ask who their vendors are and the subcontractors they use on a regular basis. Do a little research on those companies as well. After all they contribute to a large portion of your project.

Cover these three steps and you are off to a great start for a new kitchen.

How to AVOID a stressful remodel.