Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Add comfort to your patio year round.

If you love hanging outside on your patio but are limited to only the summer months then these remodeling tips will help you enjoy a year round outdoor living room.

  1. First the are needs to be covered. If there is no cover then build a roof over the area to protect from rainfall. This will also aid for shade in the summer. Many different covers and roofs can be built. Anything from a retractable awning to a dormer or shed roof. 
  2. If you have a concrete surface implement an electric floor heating system and tile over the surface for a classy look. This provides a warm surface for your feet so you can leave your shoes in the closet. It is amazing how the ground surface temperature alone can warm the body.  
  3. Now think of adding a popular inviting item that people will congregate around, fire. Build a fireplace or fire pit and you've got the best outdoor livable entertaining hang out in the neighborhood. Whether it be gas or wood burning be sure to ventilate it properly when built under cover. Is a fireplace out of the budget? Patio heaters do a wonderful job producing heat and creating a comfortable hangout. 
Spice up the warm patio with built in speakers, comfortable furniture, flat screen TV, and games like a dart board. ENJOY!

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