Monday, July 11, 2011

4 tips to reduce maintenance for your tile entry

Thinking of installing tile on the floor for the entry in your home? Here are a few must know tips.

  1. Select a color or tone that is similar to the elements (dirt) outside of your house. This will reduce aging the tile from stains and decrease the amount of maintenance.   
  2. Grout color should resemble and compliment the color of the tile. If the tile has variation then match the grout to the darkest and most prominent color of the tile to minimize visible stains. 
  3. If a lot of dirt gets tracked in then look at tiles larger than 12"x12". This will reduce the amount of grout that is a pain to clean and may discolor.
  4. Finally, if you have installed a Granite, Marble, or Slate tile then seal everything especially the grout with an approved sealer. If a porcelain or ceramic tile has been installed the hardened surface will prevent stains but the grout still needs a sealer. 
A good sealer will be at any tile store and be sure to read the instructions before application.

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