Monday, October 24, 2011

Winterizing checklist and tips for your home

Download and print check list here.

  • Gutters and downspouts, clean and ensure proper connections and flow.
  • Inspect weather stripping around doors and windows. Even the garage door, attic and crawl access.
  • Professionally clean your chimney and fireplace (wood Burning).
  • Insulate attic, floor, basement, water lines, heat ducts, garage.
  • Add a vapor barrier on your crawl space floor such as visqueen.
  • Inspect for rot and mildew.
  • Insulate water lines or wrap with heat tape from a local hardware store.
  • Turn off valves to outside faucets and hose bibs and install a foam cover from any hardware store.
  • Test your heating system that everything works properly.
  • Install a carbon monoxide alarm and test your smoke alarms.
  • Change the air filter in your ventilation system.
  • Move combustible items before running heaters such as long curtains over base board heaters.
  • If you use fuel for heat have your tank topped off.
  • Install a thermostat on your furnace with a programmable timer to save energy on your heating bill.
  • Clean and clear your heat condenser that is located outside to prevent any rusting  or corrosion. Cover it for the winter to prolong the life of the elements inside since it is exposed to the weather.
  • Purge your sprinkler system.
  • Wrap your water heater with a blanket specifically used for water heaters if your water heater is in a cold area.
  • Inspect the sump pump in the crawl or basement if you have one. Your crawl space can be filled with water and you could never know unless physically looking. Standing water could damage everything in the crawl from mold and rot.
  • Fire prevention- Keep gasoline and fertilizers stored separately along with other combustibles to prevent igniting and fires.
  • Install new light bulbs in all the exterior lights for safety. Add new lights on a motion detector to detour intruders and provide sufficient light for yourself when needed.
  • Add a timer or motion detector to the porch light for when you come home.
  • Avoid blocking off the vents in the crawl space unless a severe cold front is coming in for a few days. The vents are there to release moisture preventing mold growth. If there is an issue with drafts through the floor there are other options to consider such as insulate and seal any holes in the subfloor.
  • Look for and clear dead limbs and over growth greenery that may pose a threat to safety of people and the house.
  • Inspect all vents into the house for tight screens to prevent unwanted critters making themselves a home. You will find these in the eves and crawl space as well as any dryer duct vents that may be in the siding.
  • Roofing - There are so many attributes to a roof that a professional eye can tell if you are in need of a roof or not. If it leaks or is more than 15 years old collect a few estimates. Ask each roofing contractor if it can go another year or two. 

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Download and print check list here.

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